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A few summers ago (2001) I worked for an education Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Mae Sai Thailand.

I posted these VR look arounds as a preview to the site I was building for the school. It has since been expanded and vastly improved by Siraporn Kaewsombat (Public Relations, DEPDC). But for nostalgia I keep this here on my site.

Take a look at the incredible work being done by Sompop Jantraka and his impressive school, the DEPDC...

If you have a fast internet connection, and want to see more
detail, check out the High Bandwidth version.

(You must have QuickTime (Choose "Full Version" when you run the Installer) loaded and running on your comupter to view these.)

Administration Center (QuickTime VR - Look Around)

High Bandwidth:1.6Mb

Boys Dormitories (QuickTime VR - Look Around)

High Bandwidth 1.1Mb

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