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AVID Codecs

Avid has changed their CODEC system several times. In a vain attempt to
consolidate the madness I have collected what I think is a complete set
here and written installation instructions that make better (more
cohesive) sense.

*NOTE: Windows CODECs are "designed" with Windows NT or 2000 in mind.
It is possible that they will work under other OS but they are not qualified.
Macintosh OS 9 does not support the XPressDV CODEC
Macintosh OS X does not support the ABVB/NuBus CODEC

The whole set includes:
XPress DV (Windows, Mac OSX)
Meridian (Windows, MacOSX, MacOS9)
NuBus/ABVB (Windows, MacOS9)
QuickTime to OMFI converter (Converts exported ABVB files to OMFI media files. /Mac Only)

Choose your package:

Complete PackageSEABinHex/StuffitZip
Composer CODECs (Mac & Win)SEABinHex/StuffitZip
Macintosh CODECsSEABinHex/StuffitZip
Windows CODECsSEABinHex/StuffitZip
XPress DV CODECs (Mac & Win)SEABinHex/StuffitZip
QT Converter (Mac)SEABinHex/StuffitZip

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Updated July 1, 2007