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Why nakedbaby?
My friend, Dean, coined the term for a film production company
name during a film he was making. I liked the way it sounded, and what
he meant when he said it. So, I took it on as my web site name.

nakedbaby is a philosophy and artistic approach; a way of seeing.
Good art, asks us think about ourselves and the world.
Great art, changes everything we see. At only one time in our lives have
we all been in the position of seeing everything in the world as new and
world-changing; and at only this time were we so open to the possibility
that anything could affect us.

We'd like to hope our work can bring this to pass. Even if we don't quite
manage to shake the world with our work, we have a fine ideal to lead us
- naked, and as babies to art.

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Questions? Comments. Suggestions. editor@nakedbaby.com.

Updated July 1, 2007